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Love to offer you a group...gather some friends. Here are the following groups I offer! 

Please contact me at cbm.hope@gmail if you are interested in one of these groups.

The Daring Way™  (Weekly sessions or Retreat)

Rising Strong™ Group (Weekly sessions or Retreat)

Grief Recovery Method™ (Weekly sessions)

Mindfulness Introduction Courses (Weekly Sessions or Retreat)

Mindfulness Themes such as Gratitude, Forgiveness, Grief and Compassion. (Weekly Sessions or Retreats)


If you gather 5 or more people, I will run a group. If you are an individual email me your desire to be in a group and I will get you on a list. 

Groups are typically 1.5 hours/session or retreat style (9-5) or Weekends.

Cost varies depending on group chosen, format, number of people attending and destination costs for retreats. 



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